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I have a blog

2009-10-13 18:17:04 by black7dragon

I have a blog that i got for school. It is quite enjoyable.


Tis a happy post!

2009-05-03 10:12:05 by black7dragon

Newgrounds needs a buddy system. We have a way to fav flashes that we like, but no way to really promote our friends
I understand that Newgrounds is primarily a flash portal, but i just thought that since we do have a forum and news posts, a buddy system would be nice.


2009-04-30 19:15:57 by black7dragon great when the person you love loves you back. *sigh*
(I will love you if you post a comment...)

I just love the country that i live in, the US.
A while ago the economy went sour. I am only a high schooler, but hell it still sucks.
Just now stuff is coming out about the Torture that the previous administration did.
Finally, the swine flu outbreak has finally hit MA, my home state, YAY
We live in such a wonderful world...>:(

Tis a BLOG

2009-04-15 20:04:08 by black7dragon

OMG. this is my first ever post. *Gasps*
I has a blog now ;)